Looking for the Little Four Eyes website?

You can find the Little Four Eyes site at http://littlefoureyes.com

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zoe-on-stairsSo your toddler needs glasses?

or your baby, or your small child? Little Four Eyes is a website devoted to friends and family of young ones who wear glasses.  We share stores, tips and tricks, rants, and pictures – about the fun, the funny, the difficulties, and everything else involved in trying to keep glasses on your kids.  Click the link above to get to Little Four Eyes.

When I created the blog, I didn’t know that I would call it “Little Four Eyes”, by the time I came up with the name, I had already started writing at toddlerglasses.wordpress.com, and later moved to littlefoureyes.com.  I’m still writing there.  Lots of other parents have joined in.  I hope you’ll join us.